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Aamer Peeran is a stand-up comedian and voice over artist. Born in Saudi Arabia, to an Indian father and a Pakistani mother, he started performing stand-up after losing is education in 2012 in Chennai, helping brew a comedy scene in Chennai and eventually moving to Bangalore where he performs 7 to 9 times a week.

His comedy has a blend of unique observations, experiences, sounds, colorful topics, colorless topics, brinjals, and an innate undertone of extreme Laziness. Aamer is highly involved in Bangalore Open Mic Circuit testing and writing new material everyday. He has performed in all major cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Coimbatore among others. He has performed at Bengaluru Comedy Festival, Masala Mayhem Comedy Festival, Bay 146 Chennai, Amazon Prime’s Die Trying and many others.