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Kjeld sreshth (pronounced 'kelt sray-sssht!) is an idiot who grew up watching way too many movies as a kid and as a result, he is now convinced he has dreams in life! French was the only language he could read, write and speak in until he was 10 years old. He completed Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and also holds a “C1” level certification in French from Alliance Francaise. He worked for two years as business analyst at TCS Bangalore. After finding out about the comedy scene in the city, he quit his corporate job and began to pursue a career in comedy, a mistake he hopes, one day, will make a great story to tell!

Kjeld Sreshth is a comedian and he has a silent 'j' in his name. This is not a joke. For the past 3 years, he has been trying to become famous, but with little success. Now he is starting to believe that the universe is purposely withholding the fame from him, because it knows he wants it only to fulfill his own shallow desires. This is not a joke. His biggest problem is that he
can't tell people he's going to change their lives with his jokes, without telling them he's going to change their lives with his jokes, because he knows he has no life changing jokes. This is not a joke. He noticed that turtles have shells and are born from eggs but wonders how, at birth, do
they know to come out of their eggs but not their shells. This is an ambiguous observation.