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If you're a fan of Stand-Up and have always wanted to give it a shot, this is your chance. The comedy industry is booming in India and is now a viable career option. We're looking for the next comedy superstar, and who knows, it might just be you!

That Open Mic will be a bi-weekly affair that allows newbies to test their mettle on the Stand-Up stage AND learn from the best in the business.

How is it different from any other open mic? The focus at our club is quality over quantity with a progressive ladder for growth. That Open Mic has limited spots and each show will be headlined by an established comedian from the circuit. Participants will also have a Q&A with the headliner who will share tips and best practices that will help nurture your fledgling comedy career. Those who show promise will get an opportunity to perform at our weekend shows alongside our regulars, and with time graduate to hosting and eventually bagging a headliner spot. It's all very exciting and we're keen to have you.

Each spot is for 5 minutes and participation is on a first come first serve basis. Age/race/religion/height/weight/diet no bar.

To register, fill in your information and we'll slot you in (subject to availability of spots).

Note: This is not an open mic competition, so there will be no "winner" announced at the end of the show. You are all winners the moment you step on that stage.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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