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Born in an ultra conservative part of Bangalore, Suhas Navarathna has been a rebel from the start. Dropping out of college, taking up stand-up comedy and disappointing his parents have been the key achievements of his life. Spanning a career of close to 4 years and travelling across the country to do stand up comedy, he claims to be the king of self deprecation and alcoholism. "He may not understand the world but he can damn sure make fun of it", he said to himself in the mirror, pretending to give a fake interview. His stand up focuses on the train wreck that is his life and the ramifications of his liberal beliefs in the face of ultra conservatism. He also can do silly jokes and some killer potty jokes too if you catch him on a good day. 

Language: English

Performed at: Bangalore Comedy Club, Comedy Wagon Productions, Standup Tamasha, Canvas Laugh Factory, Punch Tantraa, Indian Comedy Club, Comedy Central and India’s biggest comedy festival- Bengaluru Comedy Festival


"Suhas has the tightest bits in the country!" - said Kanan Gill, as Suhas held a knife to his throat.